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Although the maxim 'health is wealth' may be articulated more often than not, the importance of health is really only valued when it starts to fail. Health experts PEGGY SANTOSA and DR. KELLY LO1 explain how alternative healing practices and medical advancements allow us to maintain overall wellness - at all times.

Dr. Kelly Loi
Health & Fertility Centre for Women

290 Orchard Road, #18-06 Paragon Medical Suites. Tel: 62355066, WWW.healthfertiliry.com.sg

Business established: Two years
Niche: Fertility and IVF specialist

Oxford University alumnus Dr. Kelly Loi realised her calling to become a fertility expert during her university days when she noticed she enjoyed her time with the Reproductive Medicine Unit over all other classes. The married mother of three was a Gynaecologist for a decode before starting the Health & Fertility Centre for Women two years ago. The Clinic offers a holistic approach to women's health. encompassing obstetrics and gynaecology. including laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cysts, fibroids and other uterus-related problems.

Challenges of being a fertility Doctor?

KL: Identifying ways to improve the success rates of patients undergoing fertility treatment and fertility preservation. With the increasing incidence and prevalence of cancer. fertility preservation has become vital. I strongly advocate fertility preservation and find it very gratifying to preserve ovarian tissue and eggs for patients with cancer. giving them the opportunity to conceive when they've recovered.

TF: How has fertility medicine evolved?

KL: The role of laparoscopic surgery is now beller understood, and techniques have been refined to oplimise the patient's gynaecological health before fertlity treatment to improve the chances of success. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) protocols have been simplified to ease the stress of regular injections. And we can now better select healthy embryos for transfer with techniques such as blastocyst culture and laser-assisted hatching, improving pregnancy rates.

TF: Tell us more about ELONVA.

KL: Available in Europe over the past year and recently launched in Singapore, ELONVA is a breakthrough in hormonal injection preparation as it replaces your first seven iniections in an IVF treatment cycle wilh one injection. Provided you're a suitable candidate, this injection is extremely beneficial as it greatly reduces the slress and burden associaled wilh . having multiple injections.

TF: Your advice to women?

KL: I urge women lo consider going for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer changes. There's also a lot of advancement in this area. I invested in a colposcope, which has served very well to investigate abnormal PAP smears and diagnose cervical cancer and pre-cancer.

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