Multiple Pregnancy

Who has it tougher, men or women? A man will never have to push an object the size of a melon out of his body, he’s unlikely to burst into tears for no apparent reason every month, and he’ll never experience the indignity of a pap smear. Luckily for the ladies living in Singapore, there are female specialists galore. From fertility and breast issues to pelvic floor disorder, here are some unique challenges faced by the fairer sex.

Making Babies

Seeing double? In Singapore there is a 15- to
20-percent chance of conceiving two or
more babies with IVF (in vitro fertilisation)
treatment. Dr Kelly Loi gives us the
lowdown on the link between multiple
births and fertility treatment.

Does IVF treatment increase a woman’s chance of having a multiple pregnancy?

The chance increases the more embryos are transferred. In Singapore the number is restricted to two or three, but a two-embryo transfer policy is now common in many countries. The restriction works to prevent high-order pregnancies (e.g., triplets and quadruplets), which have a higher risk of complications including premature labour, neurological problems and prolonged neo-natal intensive care. In Sweden where 70 percent of its IVF cases involve the transfer of just one embryo, they have the lowest rate of multiple births.

Fertility Fact or Fiction

IVF costs from S$10,000.FACT

Older women are more likely to have twins. FICTION

Multiples can only be conceived if there is a history of them in the woman’s family. FICTION

Women who are overweight are more likely to conceive multiples. FICTION


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