Baby Shower Fair

Join us for a useful and informative seminar on pregnancy and baby’s first year. Have fun bonding with fellow mothers and enjoy a sumptuous buffet by Chili Api at Gleneagles Hospital! Receive a goodie bag worth $130!

Date : 15th & 16th January, 2011
Time : 1 – 6 pm (including buffet)

Venue : Gleneagles Hospital 6A Napier Road, Level 3, Auditorium


YOUR BIRTH PLAN - Knowing your birth options by Dr Kelly Loi, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Sponsored by ParkwayHealth Birth plans let doctors and nursing

Birth plans let doctors and nursing staff know how you wish to be treated during labour and delivery. From mode of delivery to type of pain relief... there are many options to consider. Get advice on writing your ideal birth plan


  • S-26 MAMA nutritional beverage
  • Products by Kidzloft
  • La Clinica Baby Nappy Barrier Balm
  • Rustic Nirvana pre/post herbal steam bath voucher

EATING FOR TWO - Essential nutrients for mum and baby by Ms Chandrika Balachandrun, Nutritionist. Sponsored by Wyeth Singapore (Wyeth is now part of Pfizer inc)

When you are pregnant, nutrition is of the utmost importance. The talk will focus on choosing the right foods, alleviating common discomforts during pregnancy and inadequate milk supply during lactation.

FIT FOR LABOUR - Pre-natal exercises to aid delivery by Linda Tan Yoga, Pilates & Aqua Instructor, Inspire Mum & Baby

Ease your aches and relax through simple exercise steps you can do in the comfort of your home. Understand the essentials of various exercises that will strengthen your muscles and release tension, so do wear something comfortable to join us in the exercises.

Early bird gifts!

1st 35 registrants get a grobag sleeping bag from Bloom & Grow worth $80

DRESS SMART - Pregnancy wardrobe essentials by Tania Grose-Hodge childbirth educator and doula, Egg Maternity Having a baby is exciting but accommodating your bump and changing figure can be daunting. Get tips for dressing comfortably and stylishly throughout pregnancy and beyond.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE - How cord blood donation saves lives by Ms Charlene Han, Singapore Cord Blood Bank Umbilical cord blood used to be routinely discarded. It can now be collected after baby’s birth and donated to help someone with a life-threatening disease. Since 1993, over 12,000 unrelated cord blood transplants have been performed around the world. Find out more about this celebration of life!

MY PREGNANCY JOURNEYAntenatal concerns by Dr Lee Keen Whye, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Gleneagles Hospital. Sponsored by ParkwayHealth Expectant mothers are filled with queries and anxieties. The speaker will discuss antenatal care, address common questions from expectant mothers as well as myths and facts about pregnancy.


BREAST IS BEST - The importance of breastfeeding by Dr Ratna Sridjaja Paediatrician, Gleneagles Hospital. Sponsored by Philips Avent

Breastfeeding is the best gift we can give our child. Yet few of us know the ingredients that differentiate it and make it superior to formula milk. The speaker will discuss the constituents in breast milk and their benefits to your baby.

DEVELOPING GOOD FOOD HABITS FOR HEALTHY HAPPY BABIES - Weaning your child successfully by Karen Wright, Lead Dietitian, The Food Clinic

Weaning is the process of introducing solid foods to a baby’s diet. Weaning is a wonderful opportunity to lay down nutritional foundations. Get advice on when and how to introduce appropriate foods during weaning, as well as tips for making nutritious food for your baby or toddler to promote growth and improve acceptance of new tastes and textures.

THE POWER OF TOUCH - The benefits of baby massage by Linda Tan Yoga, Pilates & Aqua Instructor, Inspire Mum & Baby

Experience wonderful bonding and the power of touch through this session. Acquire simple steps you can do with your baby and also understand the importance of massage.

*Please note that the session will not feature the full sequence of the massage. Parents are still encouraged to attend infant massage courses to be fully equipped with the steps and proper methods.

WHY VACCINATE? - Keeping your baby healthy by Dr Low Kah Tzay, Paediatrician, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Sponsored by Kobayashi Kool Fever

Babies and infants are more susceptible to infections because of their immature immune system. As children in Singapore enrol in preschool and enrichment classes at a young age, parents should ensure that they are protected by up-to-date childhood vaccinations.

BACK IN SHAPE - Regaining your post-pregnancy body by Linda Tan Yoga, Pilates & Aqua Instructor, Inspire Mum & Baby

Want to regain your prepregnancy shape and get back your taut tummy? Join us in this session to know the exercises that will assist you to reach your goal. Exercises for mum and baby will also be demonstrated. Wear something comfortable and bring your baby along for a fun workout!


by Dr Nancy Tan Paediatrician, Gleneagles Hospital. Sponsored by ParkwayHealth How do i tell if my baby is unwell? When must i seek doctor’s advice immediately? What simple measures can i take at home to manage common baby ailments? The speaker will address common childhood illnesses and how to mange them.


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  • $20 per person
  • Day 2
  • $20 per person

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