Vaginal Laser Treatment

Stress Urinary Incontinence

A minimally invasive solution for stress urinary incontinence.

The treatment works best in mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence patients with very good results in severe stress urinary incontinence as well.

Mixed incontinence patients get relief in stress symptoms.


  • Ambulatory procedure
  • 20-30 minutes/treatment

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome

A true incisionless laser treatment for vaginal relaxation syndrome works by photothermally tightening the vaginal canal. The mechanism of action is based on shrinking and thickening of the connective tissue in the vaginal wall. The treatment works best for women with increased vaginal laxity due to childbirth and/or ageing


  • Ambulatory procedure
  • 20-30 minutes/treatment

Vaginal Atrophy from Menopause

Gentle laser treatment for vaginal atrophy from menopause works through non-ablative gentle photothermal treatment of the vaginal canal using very low energies that cause mild hyperthermia and induce microvascularisation and tissue regeneration without shrinking the collagen.

The treatment restores normal vaginal mucosa structure and function and eliminates the need for long-term estrogen treatment. It is suitable for Women suffering from vaginal atrophy symptoms such as vaginal dryness irritation and dyspareunia.

FotonaSmooth® Revolutionary non-surgical laser for vaginal health

In-Office Based Non-Invasive Laser Therapy for Vaginal Health.

Connective tissue in the vaginal walls is an important factor in pelvic organ support. Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction mainly arise from laxity in the vagina or its supporting ligaments, due to increasing age and vaginal childbirth.

Fotona‘s SMOOTH™ is a non-invasive non-ablative laser procedure for functional strengthening of connective tissue inside the vaginal wall, improving the pelvic floor support and diminishing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.