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Health & Fertility Centre for Women

290 Orchard Road
#18-06 Paragon Medical Suites
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We moved back to Singapore last September after few years away. Soon after that, to our delight, our gynecologist diagnosed a twin pregnancy But on Christmas Eve, in her first trimester, my wife was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital with early signs of miscarriage. Hospital staff and Dr Kelly Loi responded promptly to reassure us. After few days in the hospital, we were back home — but only for a week as my wife was readmitted to the hospital due to the unstableness of her pregnancy.

We were then advised by Dr Loi to follow a customised treatment, with weekly visits to the Health & Fertility Centre for Women. The doctor and the cheerful staff members, Agnes and Julia, led us admirably through the entire journey, with kind words, friendly support and professional guidance.

Life blessed us with two lovely babies: a girl, Tiphaine, and a boy, Titouan, born on 11 June, a few weeks ahead of the expected date but both healthy and lively

As the French saying goes, a girl and a boy is the 'choix du roi' (the choice of the king). And, just to continue the family tradition, my wife's own twin sister is shortly flying from Australia to visit her niece and nephew.

Cyrille, Justine, Tiphaine & Titouan Lacour, France & Malaysia